Student Congress

The school is committed to developing Student Voice to ensure that students’ views are represented at all levels and that they are empowered to be active learners and leaders.

As well as assisting the learning and social development of students, the school believes that student contributions benefits the school’s performance.

Through the three sub-committees and at School Congress meetings, students discuss issues which are relevant to their year groups and contribute to reviewing school policies and practice for the benefit of the school and its students. 



This committee focuses on ensuring our students have the opportunity to have their say on what is happening in the classrooms at Parmiter’s. It is vitally important that the strategies employed by teachers are having a positive impact on the learning of all students. This includes homework and assessment. The committee will be invited to review, contribute and raise any questions that students may have about the teaching at the school.

This committee gives every student a voice regarding school life. We aim to improve areas that affect our students every day. This may include providing feedback on areas such as lunchtime provision, uniform and school policies. In previous years we have changed the school skirt, ensured there is wet weather provision at lunch and developed the ‘OK to Tell’ 

 This committee focuses on the development of ICT in lessons and its use across the whole school.  It will be used as a forum for students to give their opinions on the ICT systems and provide input into what they would like to see in terms of the development of ICT. This committee will also focus at times on communications internally and externally in the school.